Wooden gamepad

I have recently been playing around with some WS2812 addressable LEDs connected to a microcontroller. I wanted to have some sort of input device to make things more interesting. Buttons stuck into a breadboard are all well and good, but they can get a little unnerving and prone to contact problems. So I made this game controller lookalike so that whenever I need a couple of buttons on a circuit i’m experimenting with, I can simply connect it. Another possible use for it could be a controller for jogging my cnc machine.

I used maple and robinia wood and cut it out on my eShapeoko cnc milling machine. At first I did not give the wooden buttons enough play, they were a little to big so I had to sand them quite a bit.

The pcb was also done with the cnc, for that I used Kicad to design the circuit, FlatCam to generate the Gcode and bCNC for auto-leveling and sending the Gcode to the machine.

The circuit is really simple, only consisting of a parallel in serial out shift register a few resistors and buttons. Contrary to the schematic below, I use 74HC166 and not a 74LS166 enabling the circuit to work down to 3.3V and not just 5V.

_MG_2808   _MG_2807



Here you can download the all the files I used for this project: